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Align your culture to your brand to unlock business performance.


What's in Your Blind Spot?

Organizational culture doesn’t live in ping pong tables, nap rooms or birthday cakes. Culture lives in how people communicate, make decisions, solve problems and resolve conflicts. When your culture doesn’t align with your brand, your business loses credibility, your employees are confused or disengaged, and your customers don’t understand you.


At Hyperminds, we make culture tangible and work with you to develop a comprehensive culture strategy that aligns with your brand and thus your business strategy, resulting in extraordinary business performance.

Organizational Culture = Your Ways of Working

We think of organizational culture as an ecosystem, and like with any other living organism, there are ongoing processes where culture shows up. By examining culture through these ways of working, we can measure the impact of your culture on your business performance.


Number of times people have to repeat the same information in any given week

Average time to get an answer


Frequency of communication being sent but not received

How effectively does information flow?

Problem Solving

Percentage of reactive vs strategic solutions

Number of people with business solutions that management is unaware of

Missed market opportunities

Are you dealing with root causes or mitigating symptoms?

Decision Making

The average number of people with decision making power in a meeting

Frequency of backtracked decisions

Number of hours of weekly meetings devoted to decision making

Are things done at the right time by the right people?

Conflict Resolution

Frequency of recurring issues

Number of topics that can't be brought up with everyone

Ratio of conflicts producing positive business outcomes

Is the focus on growth or on avoidance?


The Hyperminds Experience

We start by identifying the gap - that space between where you are and where you want to be. We then work with you on developing and operationalizing a culture that is anchored in your brand and can be observed in your processes.

Blended Approach

Through a mix of consulting, coaching, facilitation, and design, we deliver measurable improvements in how your business operates.

Always Data-Driven

Our work with you always starts with an assessment: we collect data, listen to what is not being said, and watch for the gaps. The proposed Change Action Plan is always a tangible, actionable treatment to create the needed impact.

No Dependency

The change you experience will stay with you, even after we’re gone. Our unique way of delivering value to your team empowers them to continue evolving culture further. 

Our Services

Working with us lets you discover an edge that sets you apart from your competitors, and a way of operating business that is integral and authentic.

Strategic brand development work that is aligned with your purpose and inspiring your culture.

Audit based on the 4 Dimensions of Brand


Aligning brand to purpose and values


Strategic market positioning


Narrative & personality


Key messaging


Visual identity system


Customer experience map


Brand management training


Light culture audit


Brand Book

Culture development work that aligns with your brand, your purpose, and your values.

Audit based on the 4 Ways of Working


Align to brand, purpose, and values


Communication tools


Problem solving systems


Decision making models


Conflict management structure


Employee experience map


Brand culture alignment training


Light brand audit


Culture Book

Brand and culture transformation work designed to realize your organizational potential.

Strategy, values, and purpose audit


Everything included in Brand

Development Package


Everything included in Culture Alignment Package


Brand deployment & coaching


Culture development & coaching

Being intentional on how your people work together can start next month.

Book a free 45 minutes coaching session on your brand and culture.

Book a free 45 minutes coaching session on your brand and culture.

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