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Why Hyperminds?

We exist because organizations must evolve. 


Human Development

We go to work every day to help organizations uncover a new reality for work in which human development is the force that drives powerful brands and cultures, and in which business results are what make a positive difference in the world.

The Perfect Storm


It was the Summer of 2019 when the three of us - friends and former colleagues - found ourselves recognizing that we were in the same position professionally: each one of us was working to transform our workplace culture. Realizing that our combined efforts can make a far greater impact, we came together to become Hyperminds. By bringing our strengths together, we saw that our blended background in entrepreneurship, leadership development, design, HR, business strategy, marketing, sales, coaching, and group facilitation was the perfect combo.


David Kohler

Co-Founder, Head of Culture

For David it’s all about empowering people. With a background in leadership development training, facilitation and education, David has worked with thousands of individuals and teams to develop their performance, create authentic relationships and align with their purpose.


David also holds a Ph.D. in theoretical mathematics (don’t hold that against him).



Karina Daukaeva

Co-Founder, Head of Experience

Karina brings over 12 years of experience in transforming organizations to be data-driven. In the last 5 years, she's been specializing in working with executive teams on developing data-informed corporate growth strategies, overseeing product design, roadmap development, optimization, branding, and CX. 

Karina also has a BSc in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology with a particular interest in cognitive biases, mental models, and habits.



Julie Tremblay

Co-Founder, Head of Brand

As a former C-Level executive, Julie brings over a decade of experience in strategic leadership roles in design, marketing and HR. Julie leverages her background in visual communications and human centric design to inform business strategy. Julie has a passion for leading engaging collaborative work sessions to craft powerful and memorable brand experiences. 

​Julie is also a triathlete and is notorious for talking people into swimming in frigid open water (you've been warned!).


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